Apple Podcasts announced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, which allows any podcaster to make all, some, or none of their content available on a subscription basis. Is this approach right for your podcast? Zach and Rock discuss. Hint: it really varies based on who your audience is, what your listenership is like, and how long you’ve been at it (and plan to be at it).

How does this change to Apple Podcasts affect companies like, Patreon, and other platforms that allow podcasters to put their content behind a paywall of sorts?

“In a lot of ways, podcasting is here because of Apple,” says Zach. But they haven’t really changed things around in 15 years. So the creation of Subscriptions marks a big shift, and one that could potentially have a huge impact on the industry for creators and listeners.

Listen to Between Two Mics: The Remote Recording Podcast, and hear SquadCast co-founders Zach and Rock speculate on this change. They make some prediction and educated guesses as to where the industry will be in the future as a result of these changes.

Show Notes