Welcome to the show. Just a quick check-in episode this week!

We launched The New SquadCast Studio and Backstage earlier in the week so we didn’t have a chance to release a full-length episode. HOWEVER, we won’t leave you hanging.

In this brief episode, Arielle, our community manager, jumps in with a note.

Next week, Zach and Rock, our co-founders, are coming at you with an in-depth look at the all new SquadCast — what to expect, how it came together, and the future.

More info:
– Email Arielle
– New SquadCast Studio and Backstage blog post
– New SquadCast Studio and Backstage demo video

Episode Transcriptions

ARIELLE NISSENBLATT: Hello SquadCast Podcast listeners. Arielle here, SquadCast’s community manager, with a quick message. You may have noticed that this past week we did not put an episode out of our podcast. And that is because we were hard at work pushing V5 of SquadCast over the finish line. V5, otherwise known as the new SquadCast Studio and Backstage, is now live. We are so excited to share it with the world. Next week, you’re gonna hear an episode of this podcast with Zach and Rock, our two co-founders. They’re gonna talk about everything that went into the update, what you can expect from the new update, how to use it, and the future of SquadCast. We’re really excited to share that with you, and we’re really excited for you to test out the new SquadCast. So if you do test it out, let us know your experience. We would love to hear from you the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. You can hit us up on social media. We’re @ SquadCastFM on all platforms. We also have a blog post that has every detail that you need to know about the new update. We also have a demo up on our YouTube channel and so much more. SquadCast is incredibly community-oriented. And I don’t just say that because I am the community manager. Our origin story goes back to what the community wants. So we wanna hear from you. We wanna listen to you. What do you need from your remote recording platform? We wanna be here to give that to you. Thank you so much for tuning into this quick episode that was really just meant to function as a why was there no episode that went out this past Tuesday. Don’t worry. We’re back next week with more, and thank you so much.