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Meet Flixwatcher: A Netflix Review Podcast As They Hit 300 Episodes

SquadCast: What’s the podcast about and how did you come up with the idea for it?

Flixwatcher: Flixwatcher, the podcast I (Kobi) co-host with Helen Sadler, is a fun-filled, film-loving fiesta! Each week, we invite other podcasters to chat about their chosen Netflix films. It’s like a movie club, but with a twist: we don’t pick the films, our guests do! This keeps things fresh and unpredictable, just like Netflix’s ever-changing library.

We’ve had some hilarious moments, like when we reviewed the infamous “Bee Movie,” and some insightful ones, like when we had directors like Mat Whitecross and Gareth Evans on the show. We’ve even gone global, with guests joining us from as far as New Zealand and America!

Helen and I were on the same film quiz team, and we wanted to start a podcast.

SC: What sets the show apart from other shows in your category?

FW: We liked the idea of a podcast based on Netflix films so that our listeners could join in easily, and the episodes would be more “evergreen.” It helps to make our show very accessible!

SC: How would your life be different if you didn’t host this show?

FW: Our Netflix suggestions would make sense! As our guests choose the films and we have very little say, I don’t think the Netflix algorithm has a clue what planet we are on, let alone try to anticipate our film choices!

SC: How did you first discover

FW: When lockdown happened, I thought the podcast would have to go on hiatus. We then heard about other podcasters using SquadCast, decided to check it out, and loved it! It makes our lives and guests’ lives way easier and means that we can record with people from all over the world at the drop of a hat!

SC: Tell us about your workflow — from scripting to recording to publishing. What tools do you use and how do you use them?

FW: Apart from SquadCast? Well, It’s as simple as Twitter, email, Dropbox, WhatsApp, and Google Docs! We often get people asking to join our show via Twitter messages, then as soon as possible, move the chat onto email to arrange the film choices and dates with the guests. After the recording, I download the files to Dropbox, and our editor takes over. Helen and I typically have a bit of WhatsApp banter with our editor and then we have an assistant that helps with the scheduling and the social media posting.

SC: What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten about the show?

FW: We love that people still want to join our show as guests, but one thing that floored me was when we found that a couple of people had logged our films in Letterboxd.

SC: If you could get the show in front of anyone for a one-episode trial, and they HAD to listen, who would it be?

FW: Probably Reed Hastings, one of the founders of Netflix!

SC: What are your long-term plans for the show?

FW: Just keep at it, I guess! If anyone does want to invest in us for Billions of Dollars, please let us know! Just kidding, we’d take millions though.

Thank you to Kobi of Flixwatcher: A Netflix Review Podcast for joining us for a Q&A about the show. Congrats on 300+ episodes! Here’s to many, many more.